Presto 10GbE à 2 port SFP+ Visualizza ingrandito
Presto 10GbE à 2 port SFP+

Presto 10Gigabit 2 ports SFP




Carte PCIe 10Gigabit Fibre avec deux ports SFP+

Ajoutez la connectivité ultra-rapide 10GbE a votre PC ou Mac, optimisé pour le Thunderbolt !

Les modules SFP+ sont Disponible séparément en SR (300m) et LR (10km)

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Scheda tecnica

Interfaccia PCIe
Taux de transfert 10Gigabit
Nombre de ports 2


With increasing demands for greater data transfer speeds and more bandwidth over shared networks, and with specialized applications such as HD video editing using high-performance shared storage systems, 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) use has skyrocketed. This high-speed wired networking standard offers ten times the performance of Gigabit Ethernet, the common wired network connection included with most computers today. Sonnet offers a powerfully simple way to add 10GbE connectivity to your Mac Pro® or Windows® PC—the Presto 10GbE 2-Ports.


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